WHPacific Awarded Contract For Design Services in Idaho

/WHPacific Awarded Contract For Design Services in Idaho

WHPacific Awarded Contract For Design Services in Idaho

WHPacific, Inc. was selected to provide design services for the I-84, Jerome IC to Twin Falls IC, EBL & WBL, ITD District 4 project.  The project consists of two phases.  The first phase consisted of evaluating the need for a third lane between the South Jerome IC and the Twin Falls IC or the use of auxiliary lanes.  The phase also consisted of evaluating existing interstate vertical alignment and existing on/off ramps.  Phase two consists of reconstructing the interstate with no third lane and auxiliary lanes, but reconstructing vertical alignments that do not meet AASHTO standards and redesigning on and off ramps from a tapered design to a parallel design.

WHPacific has been providing these types of design services to the local Idaho municipalities and DOT for over 20 years. We are honored to continue our tradition of providing creative, exceptional service once again.


WHPacific is a full service, woman-owned multi-discipline Engineering & Architecture firm with offices throughout the United States. For over 50 years company-wide and over 20 years locally, our teams have been regarded for helping both public and private clients achieve success with their most challenging projects through the following core service lines: Transportation, Survey and Mapping, Development Services, Water Resources, Environmental Services, Aviation, Construction Services, and Industrial Facilities Engineering.