South Diversion Channel, I-25 Baffle Chute Stormwater Quality Facility

/South Diversion Channel, I-25 Baffle Chute Stormwater Quality Facility
South Diversion Channel, I-25 Baffle Chute Stormwater Quality Facility2016-12-01T15:06:54-08:00

Project Description

WHPacific was the engineer in responsible charge of the planning, design, and construction of the I-25 Baffle Chute Stormwater Quality Facility for the Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority (AMAFCA). The previous study of the problem by WHPacific resulted in the South Diversion Channel Stormwater Quality Enhancement Reconnaissance Study. Within that report, one of the locations recommended for improving water quality within the South Diversion Channel watershed was the I-25 Baffle Chute. This project included coordination for survey, UNM Hydraulics Laboratory, state and federal permitting coordination, construction design, plans and documents, and construction administration.

WHPacific was tasked with improving the water quality for the South Diversion Channel. AMAFCA needed to provide stormwater quality improvements and debris control to meet the EPA Permit requirements while not causing upstream damage or flooding. The design integrates the existing Baffle Chute and after a sediment forebay, selectively directs low flows of up to 600 cfs to each side of the baffle chute, the water flows over 1,350 sq feet of coanda screen that separates the water from the debris. The debris will eventually be captured by large roll off dumpsters that will be emptied periodically. Additionally, one side of the project collects a portion of the water after flowing through the coanda screen and pipes it to a sand filter pond for tertiary treatment, before discharge back to the South Diversion Channel. This facility provides stormwater quality treatment for the largest flows of any facility in Albuquerque, and probably the Southwestern US.


Project Details