Paradise Trails Survey, Mt. Rainier National Park

/Paradise Trails Survey, Mt. Rainier National Park
Paradise Trails Survey, Mt. Rainier National Park2016-11-29T13:19:43-08:00

Project Description

This project involved the topographic surveying of approximately 15,950 linear feet of pedestrian pathways and trails located at the Paradise Visitors Center within the Mt. Rainier National Park boundary. The trails surveyed included the Skyline, Guidehouse, Waterfall, Avalanche Lily, Deadhorse and Nisqaully Trail Systems.

GPS and conventional Total Stations were used to complete a majority of the topographic survey tasks along the identified trails. High definition laser scanning was used on a portion of the popular Skyline Trail that leads out to Myrtle Falls. Static scanning was chosen for this section in order to collect a high level of detail to assist in the possible renovations and design adjustments in allowing the trail to meet certain ADA and accessibility requirements.

Due to the fragility of the natural environment along the surveyed trails, the WHPacific survey staff, took extra care and effort to keep any and all off-path traffic to an absolute minimum. For final deliverables, the collected field data was processed and a final Topographic Base Maps and existing ground DTM’s were developed within the Civil3D Cadd environement and delivered to Holladay Engineers, the prime contractor.

Project Details