ERDF Diesel & Gas Fuel Dispense Facility

/ERDF Diesel & Gas Fuel Dispense Facility
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Project Description

WHPacific designed a new fueling facility for the Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility at the U.S. Dept. of Energy Hanford site in Washington. The facility was designed to accommodate the 30-plus waste containment tractor-trailers that use approximately 50,000 gallons of diesel fuel on a monthly basis. The design included:

  • 20,000 gallon diesel tank
  • 1,000 gallon unleaded tank
  • Five (5) fueling dispensers
  • Key pads for a fuel management system
  • Tank monitoring, alarms, and lighting
  • Structural equipment foundation for the tanks
  • A canopy over the dispenser island
  • Two (2) restrooms (including a sanitary duplex pump station).

All of the process fuel piping was below ground and designed in secondary containment. However, the tanks were designed above ground, which avoided extensive permitting and corrosion protection. WHPacific evaluated the turning radius and fueling configuration for the tractor trailers and the fuel delivery vehicles to optimize the layout of the facility. The facility was designed to accommodate a bio-diesel blend that could be included in tank heaters and circulation pumps. WHPacific also recognized a potential safety hazard for those who fueled the lubrication trucks in that they had to fill fuel tanks from the top. WHPacific worked with the equipment vendor to modify the tanks so that they could be filled from the bottom.

Project Details