Our Approach

Supporting student success through conscientious design

Our educators have a tough and important job to do. Our job is to design and strengthen the built environment to support the learning environment. Through close collaboration with school administrators, community members and local governments, our teams identify the project requirements and then create an actionable plan to deliver on them. From site development and design to renovations and rehabilitations, we take into account the needs of all users.

From early childhood educations centers through elementary, middle and secondary schools and on to postsecondary institutions, WHPacific supports the needs of our communities’ educational clients. WHPacific professionals track the evolving scope of today’s educational environment to support our clients in developing facility and site solutions that support enhanced educational delivery.

Early Childhood

Early childhood education sets the foundation for future educational experiences and attitudes. WHPacific understands the needs of our youngest community members and designs right-sized solutions to provide a safe and cooperative environment for learning.


As the educational needs of our students get more complex, so do the requirements for the environment in which that education takes place. Design environments that function for different user groups, while meeting schools’ educational program goals. We work closely with all stakeholders to ensure a design that maximizes learning outcomes while balancing operational concerns, such as efficiency and safety.


The requirements of the postsecondary educational environment differ vastly from other educational projects. From campus master planning and academic facilities to student housing and sports facilities, WHPacific has the project experience and staff expertise to support your institutions goals for growth and quality education.

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